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 Little Guy       Banjo     Cosmo     Tammy     Delta

EquAbility is a farm dedicated to providing people with special needs the opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives through activities involving horses and other animals.

“The horses challenge the rider’s ability while supporting their disability.”

Our horses are specially selected for their temperament and movement. They are desensitized to the toys and equipment used in our programs through specialized training. They bring their riders a sense of comfort and happiness which is used as therapy for the long run.

In the beginning, EquAbility started with three horses by the name of Banjo, Razz and Little Guy. Called the original three at the farm, they are the oldest, most experienced and most loved by everyone.

Some of the older horses require special attention and extra care. We have set up a retirement fund for horses that have served.


Original Horses

Little Guy       Age 30         Morgan Breed

DSC09798Little Guy is a classic old-style Morgan breed which is known for being steady and sturdy.

Even though he is getting older, Little Guy pushes forward in his work as a therapy horse. He has two conditions (Cushing’s and Metabolic Syndrome) that require medications and supplements that make him the most expensive therapy horse to care for on the farm.

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Banjo                Age 34             Arabian Breed

IMG_0184Banjo is semi-retired horse  that suffers from an arthritic knee and is primarily used to learn things such as leading and grooming.
When a new rider comes to the farm, they need a horse to foster confidence.  Under saddle, Banjo goes at a slow pace making her perfect for introductorry lessons. Banjo waits for cues from the rider, if they were to not make an action indicating movement, she won’t move. She understands the difference between an Autistic rider who typically has good balance but may need more help with getting started and feeling comfortable.

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Cosmo          Age 21            Shetland Pony

cosmo profileCosmo, a farm favorite for the smaller riders, is a  21 year old Shetland pony. A Pony’s stride is faster, so it is fun for the kids who are learning to focus.




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Tammy             Age 24                         Quarter Horse Breed

DSC09909crop tammy


Tammy is A Quarter Horse mare that is the program’s tallest horse, making her useful for young adults and independent riders.





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Delta                Age 30                  Appaloosa Mixed Breed

DSC09800At EquAbility, each person has his or her own unique story and experience. Likewise, each horse also has his or her own story. A particular story was that of another therapeutic mix of Appaloosa horse named Delta, after having her baby, Delta went through biological changes that changed her sensitivity to the people she was working with and so Delta had to retire early from being a therapeutic horse. Safety is the most important thing for riders and horses, and Delta was just unable to process too much at once. After a 14-year hibernation, she was put to the test once again when the farm needed her as a therapeutic horse. She went through a short trial period, during which she proved with exceptional awareness and compassion that she is ready to work in therapy.

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