Touching Stories


Jonathan first started riding Razz at age 11, having autism it was difficult when he first started riding to find his comfort level but as time passed that all changed. Jon is now 29 and still comes to the farm to ride horses. Jon is a regular at the farm and has really grown a lot in every aspect. The observable change and peacefulness in Jon has put even his mother to tears. Razz and Jon have become almost indistinguishable in their ridership but after Jon reached a certain weight and Razz reached a certain age, he was just physically unable to carry Jon. The day that this happened, Razz was in disbelief; his grief-stricken facial expression as Jon walked away with another horse said everything. The bond in their attachment throughout the years was unique and amazing.

Excerpt from a dream…


The hands of the angels

lift me up high

onto the horse’s strong back.

My arms are lost in its silvery mane.

The leg braces melt away,

my mind is clear and I can see.


Before long I will become a part

of each powerful stride he takes.


We move like I am unable to

when my feet are on the ground.


I clench my jaw

and close my eyes so tightly

that the tears roll

down my cheeks.

No, don’t stop!


I am not afraid.


these are tears of joy.

Please don’t wake me up yet.

I don’t want this dream to end.


– EquAbility Volunteer


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